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History And Traditions

Troop 24 is a troop in the Puget Sound District of the Mt. Baker Council located in Washington State. The troop is sponsored by Martha Lake First Baptist Church as part of their service to the community and because they believe in the Scouting program.

Troop 24 was formed in 1951 to take care of a large area around Martha Lake that had no close by scout troops. Its first charter was issued in 1952. The troop was awarded its twenty five year award 1n 1977, and its fifty year award in 2002 -enabling all boys and adults in the troop to wear a fifty-year strip on their uniforms.

With hard work from many adult leaders and boys, the troop thrived where many other troops in the area have gone out of existence. Traditions established long ago have helped maintain the troop through difficult periods.

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